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eighteen fifteen

Who We Are

An artist run gallery space that seeks to provide a unique perspective on contemporary art and culture in Austin, TX. We are currently developing our gallery programming with plans to focus on socio-political themes in contemporary art, supplemented with special events and intermedia social gatherings. It is our mission to engage familiar audiences throughout Austin's thriving art scene and to invite new audiences to explore our approach to art appreciation and exhibition.



Anton Chavez

Anton holds a BA in Art History with interests in sociology, critical theory and film. A practicing visual artist with work that involves urban decay and other socio-political concepts. Anton has worked over the years under numerous capacities in the art world from museum preparations to gallery director in Houston, Chicago, New York and Austin.

Amanda Fay

Amanda is graduate of The Savannah College of Art and Design’s Fibers program. Born in Alexandria, VA surrounded by figures of public service and government, her vision centers on activism and seeks to promote voices calling truth to power and beauty. She aims to create community through visual art, film, awareness and charity.