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eighteen fifteen


Addressing Need in the COVID-19 Pandemic

eighteen fifteen gallery proposes the Creative Care for Care Workers initiative to addresses multiple facets of need in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Support US Medical Staff on the front lines. The health of our people is of paramount importance and none greater than that of our knowledgeable and experienced medical professionals. In this time of global need we are all called to battle this cause and hear their calls for action. This is an important and fundamental lesson with lasting impact for community members of any age. 

Community Unemployment- Provide under-employed or unemployed community members with a sense of purpose and structure. Engagement and purpose in this time of isolation will help to support this threatened community from isolation and assist in financial relief. 

Education and Child Development- With many children home from school and many parents working from home this effort seeks to provide relief to parents by providing instruction to children and skill development while instilling the importance of civic responsibility and patriotism.

For able and interested youth without machines, we seek to match donations within our community with under-privileged youth to facilitate practices in activism while building a foundation for future growth and knowledge.